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CartoFront is a market data and mapping platform that displays the intrinsic value in every property that isn’t visible just by looking at it. CartoFront takes you down to the parcel level with owner information, property information and displays other factors that will be affecting the property’s value over the coming months and years. We built CartoFront because untapped value exists in the buildings all around us. Our platform shows you where you can profit quickly and easily. Currently we are just in Chicago but we’re working to bring CartoFront to cities across the country later this year.


CartoFront is a mapping based market data tool for the real estate industry; offering easy navigation of millions of data points to help users make decisions quickly. Filter by zoning, use type, property information, contact information, or nearly 100 other data points for each and every parcel. Know the full picture on a property in an instant.

  • Market Data

  • Mapping Technology

  • Zoning

  • Forecasting

  • Ownership Contact Information

  • Mortgage Data

  • Life Events that Drive Real Estate Transactions

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