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Welcome to Valuate by Real Estate Financial Modeling (REFM). Valuate is the next-generation commercial real estate analysis platform:

  • web-based

  • built for easy, productivity-enhancing collaboration

  • mobile-friendly


Valuate takes the best elements of existing tools and technologies and merges them into the ultimate property cash flow analysis companion.

Valuate is a product of Real Estate Financial Modeling. Since 2009, REFM has trained, consulted to, and provided financial analysis tools to thousands of top commercial real estate professionals in the United States and around the world. REFM's team has produced over 40 REFM-branded Excel-based professional analysis templates for commercial real estate transactions of all types.


Valuate is a web based CRE tool that will help you:

  • Expedite asset valuation and investment analysis

  • Market deals elegantly and persuasively

  • Raise capital more effectively

You can use Valuate on its own, or in concert with your existing Excel or ARGUS analyses.

Valuate users are top CRE professionals:

  • Sponsors and equity investors

  • Investment sales and mortgage brokers

  • Lenders and asset managers

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