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Welcome to theBrokerList.com. The first FREE online list of CRE (Commercial Real Estate) professionals. This is the first opt-in, self-service, no charge site for the CRE professional. With everybody searching the internet for absolutely everything, it makes sense to have an opt-in list for the world to find “YOU”! So many CRE professionals get lost on the web and inside large corporate directories. It can be frustrating to find YOU and keep up with who is where. This website is a down and dirty way to make it easy to find YOU and your geography and specialization. Simple. If you are a Listing Administrator, you must also add yourself to theBrokerList. Save time and make yourself efficient. Use theBrokerList.

How it works?

  • Simply join the list and fill in your profile.
  • Once you join and are approved, you may use theBrokerList to market or invite or announce an event!

10 good reasons to join theBrokerList?

  1. If you are on on the list, you have a FREE license to use the list!
  2. Free to post unlimited HAVES, WANTS and TRANSACTIONS.
  3. Participate in community blog.
  4. Geographic lists. Market, Local, State, Regional, State, Country, World lists.
  5. Cross promote your services to other professionals.
  6. Save time and money managing lists.
  7. RSS Feeds to enable easy content sharing to your website or blog.
  8. Opt-in members only so you know folks WANT to read your message.
  9. Export your HAVE data at anytime for easy sharing to other sites.
  10. API friendly for those with large volumes of data to post.