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Joshua Lyons Marketing, LLC was established in 2015. It is also the parent company of CRE Marketing Group, which was established in 2016. Since its inception, our team of dedicated writers, website developers and SEO professionals have made it our mission to provide our clients with the top-notch services that have become synonymous with our name. Trust, honesty, and integrity are the foundation upon which we have been built and the attributes that have contributed to our growing success. Based in Milton, Florida, Joshua Lyons Marketing, LLC is proud to work with all of our clients across the country, both big and small. What sets us apart is our capacity to effectively partner with companies of any size, as well as the personalized, individual attention we are able to offer each of our clients. Our promise to you is to deliver outstanding quality that will enhance your effectiveness in the online marketing arena. Take a look through our site to see how we can help you or your company get the attention you desire.


Highlighted Marketing Accomplishments

Spectrum Resorts

  • Directed a spend of $200,000 on paid advertising - resulting in more than $800,000 in revenue
  • Leveraged social media contests and advertising to generate 10,000 new email subscriptions to the email marketing database in less than a year
  • Built a Facebook fan page presence of over 200,000 fans in 12 months

SVN | SouthLand Commercial

  • Increased visits to the company blog by 937% in one year
  • Increased email effectiveness over 12 months, as indicated by the following statistics:
    • Sent emails: Increased by 285%
    • Opened emails: Increased by 448%
    • Clicked emails: increased by 656%
  • Brought website to the first page of a Google search for hundreds of targeted keyword phrases
  • Established a strong network for SVN | SouthLand Commercial through social media networking, resulting in leads for the advisors
  • Increased number of website pageviews by 1,361% year-over-year


[I work with this client as the exclusive SEO vendor for JKD Strategic Marketing]

  • Increased number of website visitorsby %137 after three months
  • Significantly boosted website rankings on Google
    • First page rankings increased by 300% after three months
    • Second page rankings increased by 500% after three months

Recommended By

"I would highly recommend Josh's services. His SEO knowledge and skills, particularly when it comes to commercial real estate, are the best I've seen. -Chris Palmer"
"True to his slogan, Josh helped get me found! Would highly recommend his services to anyone. Thanks Josh!"
"Since Josh Lyons began assisting us with marketing in August, 2014, I have been extremely impressed by his ability to increase the reach and value of our marketing messages. Because of his direction, we have reached a greater number of people and with more successful results than ever before. I have come to learn that none of his success in marketing is by mistake. Everything Josh does is in line with a well-designed plan of action to insure no effort is wasted and maximum results are achieved. Each piece of his marketing plan is part of a bigger picture to create a consistent image for our agents and our firm. Despite his plan being complex, he provides simple tasks for us to complete that will fit into our schedules and achieve the intended goals for our marketing needs. One of Joshs strongest abilities is his analytical savvy that is the perfect complement to his creativity. In addition to creating attractive graphics, he continuously provides statistical results of his marketing efforts to prove that each strategy he recommends is effective. We have been able to see the success of his marketing expertise from the increases in our audience statistics, as well as from phone call and email leads. Josh has implemented a marketing plan for us that includes blogging and social media in such a way that is not too burdensome on the agents but effective in building our business. I highly recommend Josh as a strategic marketing professional."