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What You Can Do with theBrokerList

Who is Using theBrokerList?

Some of our current 4383 businesses using theBrokerList:

Create Your Pitch

Tell the potential clients or referring brokers - Why should they should hire you? Experience, credentials, clients, whatever tells your story. Give the world your best pitch. Referral fees and deal types? Let your fellow cre brokers know what to expect when doing a deal with YOU.

Create List

Organize the cre brokers you need to connect with for your next project. Create target market lists to avoid spam and stop annoying unwanted email. Use the right brokers for the right project.

Identify Specific Brokers and Save Searches

Get organized and ready to send your PROPERTY messages. Find those brokers and save the searches for easy access and speed.

Add PROPERTIES and Distribute to Created Lists

Focus the message to your fellow CCIM members or SIOR colleagues only. Pinpoint the message to only those you wish to receive your PROPERTY. This is a fast on the fly way to get your message heard BEFORE you waste tons of time entering all of that data on the listing sites! Nobody has time so just blast a message. Also, show clients how fast you can move that property.

Add WANTS and Distribute to Created Lists

Just post your WANT to ask your colleagues. The only way to ask all cre stakeholders in one central location.

Use Your Custom URL for Email Signature & Networking

Everybody in the cre industry needs both a b2b and public place where they can be found. theBrokerList, is the new generation for that standard in finding YOU! This is the first place where both b2b and the public (building owners, banks, attorneys, consultants) will know where to look. Use your custom URL – and have an easy way to send your cre profile to others. With today’s use of QR codes and the mixing of print and online media, you need a custom URL for all of your personal branding to come together in an industry-wide, online location.