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Houston, TX
Jeremy Coppels
Leasing Representative
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Senior Broker
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Leasing Representative
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Director of Leasing
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Director of Portfolio Management
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Boxer Property


720 N. Post Oak Rd. #500, Houston, TX, 77024
Phone Numbers:
Toll-Free: (877) 777-RENT  

About Boxer Property

Boxer Property Management Corporation was founded in 1992, to manage, lease, renovate, and administer closely held commercial properties from acquisition through disposition. The company’s first project was leasing office space in Dallas, Texas at 8500 N. Stemmons Freeway, a six-story 108,000 square foot building that had remained vacant for six years. Since 1992, the company consistently excels in revitalizing properties by transforming them into well performing, stable assets. By focusing on opportunity investments and catering to under-serviced markets and tenant types, Boxer has achieved continued growth in a variety of locations and asset types.



Boxer's approach and philosophy combines progressive management, common-sense, and consistency to revitalize under-performing assets. Boxer's highly-qualified teams bring together professional expertise in leasing, accounting, construction, design, and maintenance to build value and provide the highest quality management.



Boxer became a market leader by working with a variety of tenants ranging from the owner of a small company to the executives of large regional and national companies throughout the United States. Through its use of standardization and professionalism, high attention to detail, and use of advanced technology for quality control and efficiency, the company has grown to manage properties in a variety of asset classes including: Office Buildings; Multifamily Housing; Retail; Parking Garages; and Land. In 2003, Boxer became involved in the management of a Regional Shopping Mall in Houston, Texas. In 2004 Boxer assumed management of a second regional mall in Fort Worth, Texas, which it manages through its subsidiary, Grupo Zocalo. Visit or for more information about Grupo Zocalo.

Boxer's track record since 1992 includes:

  • Over 10,000,000 square feet of real estate purchased for investors
  • Over 100% return realized on properties sold
  • 100+ deals closed - on time and at contract price
  • Average asset turnaround time of 24 months
  • Boxer Property continues to pursue acquisition prospects for investors all across the United States and is currently active in over 10 markets with all types of properties in both downtown and suburban locations

For more information please call (713) 777-RENT

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