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About Us

What We Do.

We’re here to encourage you to take a more active role in the investing of your retirement account, to only invest in what you understand and believe in, and to broaden your diversification.


Why? Because these are the most important steps you can take to assure the financial growth and safety of your retirement account.


How do we do this? By providing upgraded, more flexible, more sensible Self-Directed IRA’s and Solo 401k’s that allow you to invest in what you want, when you want. We do this through giving our clients Checkbook Control.


How We Got Here.

Broad Financial was founded in October 2004 as a private real estate firm focused primarily on the development of residential, retail, and industrial real estate along the East Coast. Then in January 2009, our focus was greatly broadened, reaching far beyond real estate.


Here’s our story:

Although our focus has always been on real estate, our IRA’s, like most other taxpayers, were invested exclusively in Wall Street products (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds). Why? Because for years we were told that IRA’s are limited to those types of investments. We always wanted to diversify our IRA’s into the world of real estate and other non-Wall Street investments, but we went along with what we were told. That was until the market crashed in October 2008 and our retirement accounts lost nearly 40% of their value. We were then determined to gain control of our IRA’s, divest them from Wall Street, and invest them directly into real estate where our returns remained positive. And so we did. In January 2009, we learned how to upgrade and “self-direct” our IRA’s, and we successfully re-invested them directly into real estate – an asset class we know well, and believe in.


When boasting to friends and colleagues, they all asked the same question, “Can you upgrade my IRA too?” Why only help friends and colleagues, we thought, let’s help all taxpayers. And so we did. We fine-tuned our ULTIMATE IRA® and paired it with our ULTIMATE SOLO 401K® (for self-employed persons) and brought both of them to market.


How to Buy Real Estate with an IRA?

Checkbook IRAs and Real Estate

This new platform is known as the Checkbook IRA. It starts off the same way as a traditional self directed IRA with the opening of an account by a self directed custodian. The Checkbook IRA then takes it a step further by establishing a dedicated LLC for the IRA, and opening a checking account in the name of that LLC.

This two step process makes it incredibly easy and economical for an IRA to buy real estate. All the account holder has to do is make out a check (from the LLC’s checking account) for the desired property. The property is now owned by the IRA, and all without any fees or delays. If you are a small to midsize retirement investor, then in most cases the Checkbook IRA is the ideal platform to give your IRA the power to buy real estate.

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