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Buildout is leading the way to the future of CRE dealmaking that’s tech-powered but broker-lead. Build for brokers by brokers, Buildout is the platform for commercial real estate brokers and brokerages.

Combining market insights, CRM, marketing automation, financial modeling and front-to-back-office workflow, Buildout drives more deals and higher deal values by accelerating the dealmaking journey end-to-end from prospecting, to representation, and to closing.


  • The modular Buildout platform consists of the following solutions that can be purchased and used together or separately.
  • Insights: Find and win new clients and listings, fast.
  • CRM: Stay on top of your prospects, clients, properties, comps, leads and deals.
  • Marketing: Drive maximum demand, leads and values for your listings.
  • Valuation (Grids): Make the best business case to drive maximum value for your clients.
  • Back Office: Maximize the productivity of your front-to-back-office workflow.
  • Recommended By

    "Almost a year ago this week, we were in the midst of launching our new website but were having programming issues with our property database. It was cobbled together from a residential database and just wasn’t working correctly. I got a cold call from Kris at BuildOut and the timing was perfect. BuildOut was exactly what GPE needed. After speaking with them and seeing the software in action; I was sold. We were able switch out the old database, embed the new one and go live with a great looking property sea"
    "Our office uses BuildOut for our proposals, packages and now hosts our listings on our website. They have a great product for these features!"
    "BuildOut is an amazing program for brochures, syndication, and streamlining the marketing process. This has saved us many hours of updates that are now completed within minutes and updated on all commercial real estate platforms instantly. BuildOut is amazing!"
    "I've worked in marketing since 2009, but I've never seen a platform like BuildOut, that can take away so much of the marketing legwork that goes into promotion. Using BuildOut has really been a great benefit to me, and I definitely recommend them to any individual or CRE firm looking to make life easier. "
    "I started using Buildout back in 2012 and it is an incredible product. My favorite Buildout story is the day I drove through a rural town in KY and passed a Dollar General store. I looked up the owner in my database and was talking to him 5 minutes later. Turns out, he had 3 DG stores and was interested in selling them all. He emailed me the leases. I forwarded them to my assistant. She prepared the full blown proposals which I went over that evening, and I was in the guy's office the next day at lunc"