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CommercialEdge is a full-service commercial real estate software designed by Yardi Systems Inc. to meet the business needs of CRE professionals, from landlords and asset management teams to brokerages of all sizes.

Built upon decades of real estate research and software development know-how, our complete CRE revenue platform offers marketing, lead generation, deal management, contract generation and e-signing, invoicing and commission payment solutions.

The CommercialEdge suite was refined through our unwavering collaboration with our clients, connecting an enthusiastic team with the real needs and feedback of our customers.


CommercialEdge for Landlords

Enhance the entire leasing and asset management process with the most dynamic commercial real estate software on the market.

  • Marketing: Boost lead generation and power your website and marketing collateral with automated listings
  • Deal Manager: Gain unparalleled visibility into your portfolio with complete deal pipeline overview and built-in CRM
  • Legal: Streamline legal operations from lease generation to sophisticated approval flows

  • CommercialEdge for Brokerages

    See how you can boost leads, close better deals faster and automate commission splits and invoicing with one connected solution.

  • Commissions: Configure complex commission distribution calculations and automatically generate and send deal vouchers and custom-branded invoices.
  • Marketing: Automate listing management and marketing collateral, expand your reach and increase leads with powerful syndication.
  • Deal Manager: Centralize all your prospecting, transaction data, deal visualization, and pipeline management in one connected solution.
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