Kravco Company LLC
King of Prussia, PA
Steve Powell
Leasing Director
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Kravco Company LLC


234 Mall Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA, 19406
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Office: (610) 854-2800  

About Kravco Company LLC

Kravco Company was originally founded in the late 1940s and quickly established itself as a leading private real estate developer and property management company, one of the largest retail shopping center organizations in the United States and the largest in the Philadelphia area. Following more than half a century of proven success, including a successful strategic partnership with Simon Property Group from 2003 to 2011, Arthur Powell, an original Kravco founder, and his son, Jon Powell launched Kravco Company LLC. Still based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, the new Kravco’s executive and management team is drawn from the experienced ranks of the Kravco family. Collectively, Kravco’s professionals have managed, leased, developed and redeveloped over 30 million square feet of commercial real estate, primarily in the retail sector. Kravco continues to build on its excellent reputation among local, regional, and national tenants, and among its investment partners.

Smart Investment, Managed Growth

Kravco attributes its strength and staying power to a strategic yet conservative philosophy. A discriminating approach to deal making and site selection has ensured that Kravco’s properties over the years have been well positioned for sustained success. In addition, Kravco’ s practice of financing projects conservatively to avoid over-leveraging has provided the company with a strong financial base that has enabled it to prosper in a capital intensive business.

One of the best indications of Kravco’s stability and achievement was its execution of one of the country’s largest mall development projects in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Kravco’s stability is also reflected in its decision to remain privately owned, and to establish affiliations with institutional partners in order to provide the company with strategic flexibility in the capital markets to finance its projects. Kravco’s independence also guarantees its ability to act quickly and efficiently, and enables management to remain closely involved with each property. Moreover, it allows Kravco’s clients to deal directly with the company’s top executives and managers.

Management that Understands Ownership’s Goals

Kravco brings a keen understanding of ownership’s goals and needs to all the projects it develops, leases, and manages for third-party entrepreneurial and institutional owners. That’s because Kravco was created, and is still partly owned and managed, by real estate entrepreneurs.

In developing strategies for all of the properties in its portfolio, Kravco actively and successfully balances ownership’s dual goals of maximizing the return on invested capital and enhancing future property values.

Looking to the Future

Throughout its long and successful history, Kravco has demonstrated and cultivated its real estate development capabilities, management expertise, and commitment to excellence. As such, Kravco is well positioned to capture retail real estate opportunities, with positive results for itself, its equity partners, investors, lenders, retailers and, most importantly, for the communities that are home to its properties.

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