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Glenn Wright

Albuquerque, NM
Brief Bio: Hi, my name is Glenn Wright and I am a Retail Specialist with Sperry Van Ness.
Full Bio: I specialize in retail centers, and with me driving the Sperry Van Ness resources, I will devise a plan WITH YOU on how to best leverage your center as an asset and also keep the communication open to keep you in the loop every step of the way. For a plan to be effective, it needs adjusted and tweaked regularly to current market conditions and should never be done without the broker \ owner team working together. This ensures it is in the best interest of the center in relation to the current market conditions which I monitor on a constant basis for you. Sperry Van Ness has a proven marketing system to reach ALL perspective clients from “big box” national retailers all the way to the local “Mom and Pop” small business retail shops. Time is money in this business, and the longer you take to act, the more money you are spending on empty spaces, build outs that the lease amount and term may or may not compensate for, and fees for actions taken in haste as opposed to planned actions for success. In conclusion, doing business with me, a Retail Specialist with Sperry Van Ness, will help you devise a plan to better leverage your property as the asset it is. Keep you informed and regularly updated with an open communication platform, and minimize lost revenue from poorly planned actions.

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