MacLaurin Williams
Lone Tree, CO
William Gary, MBA, MIM
Principal & Managing Tenant / Buyer Representative
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MacLaurin Williams


9233 Park Meadows Drive, Suite 155, Lone Tree, CO, 80124
Phone Numbers:
Fax: +1(303) 835-9127   Office: +1(303) 294-0277   Office: +1(512) 614-4883   Cell: +1(303) 901-1108  

About MacLaurin Williams

Be truly represented by a savvy, full-time Tenant/Buyer Representative. Not "brokered" by part-time, conflicted commercial agents. Teresa Krieger, CFO of Applegate Group, a regional water resources engineering firm, says, “I have been working with William for over the past 10 years. He has been instrumental in finding us great new office space. He is an excellent negotiator and has very creative ideas when it comes to initial leases and lease renewals. William was also able to find a Subtenant for some extra office space we had so that we could reduce our rental expenses until we relocated. He has so much knowledge in this area and is so effective, I will continue to use him and recommend him for commercial real estate transactions." As a 100% Tenant Representative and Buyer Representative serving the Denver/Boulder, Colorado Market and the Austin/Round Rock, Texas Market, we only work for Occupiers of Office and Industrial space. Why doesn't our company, MacLaurin Williams, work for Landlords and Sellers of commercial buildings? Because it causes conflicts of interest that would damage the interests of a Tenant or Owner-Occupant. When trying to step out of character and represent a Tenant or Owner-Occupant, traditional commercial brokers, unfortunately, have conflicts of interest, i.e. property listings that significantly compromise their efforts to represent a Tenant or Owner-Occupant. Traditional commercial brokers really would love to make commissions on BOTH sides of your transaction, that of the Landlord and that of the Tenant. It's the tempting "double-dip" situation for traditional commercial brokers and brokerage firms. On the other hand, we purposefully walk only on one side of the street, the side for Tenants and Owner-Occupants. And it allows us to carry a bigger sticks as an advocates and be tougher traders for Occupiers. I'm an experienced, analytical, patient and very thorough negotiator, constantly going up against professional Landlords and Sellers to minimize my clients' costs of commercial real estate. Having successfully negotiated over 470 transactions during 36 years in the commercial real estate industry, I can state that no two transactions have been alike. So I've seen every trick in the book by Landlords and Landlords' Agents. That's very valuable to Tenants or Owner-Occupants. To fully understand your needs, I ask a lot of questions and listen carefully. Because satisfying your needs and exceeding expectations is grounded in comprehending what you want and why. When usually matters, too, so it's critical that I understand your timing. Commercial transactions involve hundreds of interwoven details and the devil lies in those details. Little things make the difference in a transaction succeeding or failing. My meticulous to attention to detail really matters to having a successful outcome. But I also know when to go "outside the box" and get creative to find effective, unusual solutions to solve difficult problems and surmount obstacles that arise during the course of a transaction. My reputation is to "Get the job done, and done right," said Phil Dunne, Executive Director of the Texas Medical Foundation. With decades at the negotiating table as a 100% Tenant/Buyer Rep, I have earned my credentials as a top-notch negotiator. I'd be happy to discuss your needs for Office or Industrial property in Austin/Round Rock and Denver/Boulder. Please contact me at cell/text +1 303-901-1108 or and let's brainstorm about different solutions for your needs. Be Represented. Not brokered™ Worldwide on our 100% Tenant Rep Network:

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