MAP Real Estate, Inc.
Chicago, IL
Michael Pink
Executive Director
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MAP Real Estate, Inc.


405 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL, 60611

About MAP Real Estate, Inc.

MAP Real Estate is a unique real estate firm that exclusively represents the office tenant throughout Chicago and its surrounding communities.

What Makes MAP Unique?

  • Personalized representation throughout the leasing process.
  • No conflict of interest.
  • Committed to the community.
  • Sophisticated analyses and negotiations that result in significant savings.

MAP Real Estate, Inc. provides real estate brokerage and consulting services to office tenants in Chicago and its suburbs. MAP is committed to making sure clients get the right space for their needs, and get it at the right price. MAP's principals work closely with clients throughout the transaction, which consists of three main phases:

Space Selection and Analysis 
Lease Negotiations 
After the Lease is Signed

MAP's Role:  Protecting Your Interests 
MAP only represents tenants and buyers not landlords or sellers.  MAP believes that trying to work "both sides of the table" creates too many potential conflicts.  Since 1986, MAP has built its reputation on looking out for the best interests of the people who need office space, not the people who manage or sell it. 

No fees.  No kidding. Tenants and buyers do not pay a fee for MAP's services.The standard practice in the commercial real estate industry is that a brokerage commission is factored into any lease, including the renewal of an existing lease.  If the tenant enters into a lease without having a broker, that commission is paid to the landlord's broker or directly to the landlord.  If the tenant does have a broker, that broker receives part of the commission.  In other words, as a tenant you pay nothing for a broker's representation.  You have nothing to lose by having MAP on your side.  In fact, MAP's market knowledge and negotiating expertise make it much more likely that you will get the space and the price that you want.

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