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"I have used many CRMs for commercial real estate...starting back with ACT 2.0! REA is the best that I have found that works for me."
"REA and REI Wise are the best CRM software on the market, especially for CRE brokers. Both tech support teams are above approach, these guys really rocks. They are really there for you are if they say "someone will call you back" you can bet bank on it. Now, a user of REA and REI Wise can "Upload Comparable" from REA to REI Wise" what a partnership. Both of these programs (REA and REI Wise) provides any small independent brokerage company with the tools to compete with any of the large CRE firms in today"
"My firm has used REA for years. We have previously used other platforms and none of them hold any water to REA. Not only is the software robust with it's separate databases for property and contacts, the customer support is phenomenal. They are simply a phone call away to help you solve your issues. As a CCIM Instructor, I teach courses in different locations around the states and I have never encountered a better CRM platform for Commercial Real Estate."
"REA is definitely the "go to" CRM for commercial real estate. I've been a loyal user since the MS Dos days and to see what REA has in store for the future is VERY exciting!"
"I use REA everyday for keeping my contacts, projects and properties in complete order. Recently, I have taken my business up a notch and now use REA CONNECT. It is a great communication engine found within REA, keeping landlords well informed and happy 24/7."
"I have been using since last 3 years. All in one platforms. Website, CRM, Brochure and financial analysis. This is for all commercial Broker/Agents."